Irelands Got Curves 2022 - A taster video.

On Sunday 3rd of April 2022 Irelands Got Curves annual curvy convention took place in Westmanstown Convention Center D15.

The catwalk fashion show started with outstanding Bridal Gowns from Dreamy Curves Bridal followed by a ZUMBA Demonstration on the live stage from Keri Denney that got everyone up off their feet dancing.

Lily Rose Boutique then lit up the catwalk showcasing this seasons must haves before the first guest speaker Deborah Hennessy took to the stage for the first time for Deborah and we would have never known her confidence and knowledge was impressive about about mindset.

Dreamy Curves came back to the catwalk this time with their wow wow wow evening wear.

Next Sharon D founder of Irelands Got Curves spoke of her selflove journey before guest were entertained by Burlesques Dancer Cara who really showed everyone how curves are so sexy also as if we didn't already know.

Hats To Hire wore it well next with the models on the catwalk before Sarah Lyons spoke brilliantly of style and body confidence leaving us all wondering the last time we got our bras fitted!

So Amazing from Fashion City next featured The Elaine Crowley collection of stunning dresses, followed by everyone in a squatted position giggling while learning to twerk from a totally fun Twerking demo by Nikki.

My Day Lingerie were next on the catwalk showcasing function but sexy and classy lingerie. Who knew you could get so much in a bra!

Next Sharon D interviewed fab youtuber Im Just Me Marleen about her fabulous plus size channel.

The Final catwalk show was breath taking as if Dreamy Curves Bridal hadn't wow us enough.

Winners of The Plussize Awards IGC Best in Business went to the fab LilyRose, Best in customer Service went to Dreamy Curves Bridal and Best Influncer went to The Chunky Blonde .

At the stands were

Dreamy Curves Bridal

My Day Lingerie

The Miglio Closet

Nikki Twerk Fit

Keri Denney Wellness

The Irish Label Company

Busy Beaders

Self Love Club IGC

Well Styled

Limitless Living Hypnotherapy

MC My Fab Curvy Life

The Models Ellie Ciara Cara Makia Niamh Nadia Rhian

Hair by Young Again Hair Design

Make up Artist Rebecca Keane

Photographers Terence Mccann Bernie

Irelands Got Curves 2022

How has lockdown left you feeling about your body? With all the talk of the covid stone mixed with us not going out so much let alone shopping for clothes we never needed Irelands Got Curves event more.

What is Irelands Got Curves?

Irelands Got Curves is Irelands Curvy Convention. Bringing catwalk fashion with The Elaine Crowley Collection and LilyRose Boutique , bridal with Dreamy Curves , My Day Lingerie and more upto the catwalk upto size 34. More than clothing we will have a range of stands from Jewelry to Oils, bags to labels and much more.

Guest speakers will be speaking to inspire you. This year we will be hearing from

Deborah Hennessy Limitless Living Hypnotherapy Marleen Gallagher Im just me - Marleen

Sarah Lyons Well Styled By Sarah

Sharon D Sharon D

Demos from Twerk Fit and Zumba with Keri

Plussize Business Awards

Best in Customer Service

Best in Business

Best Influncer

VIP Tickets to include afternoon tea, goody bag, reserved seating and bubbly.

Standard event tickets.

entertainment and more.


Summer Ready

Hands up who is Summer Ready? I mean what does that even mean? My social media timeline seems to think Summer Ready means I should buy lotions & potions to make me "Summer Ready" What effect does it have on peoples mental health and at what cost? Did you know the diet industry is reported to be worth more than 192 Billion!

As yet another person in the limelight died last week from a reported eating disorder and with so many fighting a constant battle, it angers me to have "Summer Ready" post popping up everywhere. Diets don't work, if they did yoyo dieting wouldn't be a think would it?

So I put a shout out asking for beauties to send me their Summer Ready photos to use. So thank you to Rhain Thompson, Niamh Kelleher, Madan Curvas, Myself, Katherine Gannon, Nadia Missaoui, Siobhan Mallon, Cara O'Leary and Marleenbmg and just look at the sunning results.

My message to you is if you wish to make a lifestyle change go for it but please don't make pressure from people wanting to make money from you make your mind up for you.

Stay Beautiful no matter the season xXx

Beat Blue Monday

OK maybe today your feeling meh and don't know why. Monday morning blues can be a real thing, but add into that the come down financially as well as mentally after Christmas, it is reported that this Monday may hit harder than any others.

So if your feeling blue this 5 tips may help you.

  1. Make plans even if its a online coffee catch up with a friend, a new skill or group. Having something to look forward can lift the mood for sure.

  2. Dance like no ones watching pop on your fav track that makes you happy and have a bop around the kitchen. The memories of the good song, along with letting go and some good serotonin and endorphin boost could be just what you need.

  3. Get Shit Done take on small achievable goals things you meant to get around to get the happy kick that comes from a sense of accomplishment.

  4. Get Outside, fresh air, nature and a bit a exercise again will lift the mood and them natural mood boosters the body increases during and after exercise.

  5. Ask For Help, if you need help ask for it its the strongest thing you could ever do sometimes.

Bootyful Boot camps

One of the things we can not wait to get back into is the Irelands Got Curves Boot camps.

Boot camps are not only designed for people that want to try their hands at modelling but also they are a great way of boosting confidence or also for a fun activity to do.

We normally do boot camps in Dublin At Liffey Trust Studios

but we are also looking to bring it to the Midlands in 2021.

We believe in including everyone on our catwalks. The truth is everyone wears clothes, so clothes should be seen on everyone.

This photo shows a catwalk show we did for Irelands Got Curves The Unlimited Edition, part of the catwalk team were made up from The Special Olympics Team Ireland.

We cover Catwalk

This includes learning a few patterns as well as turns and poses

We cover Mirror Work

Seeing yourself in a mirror and also via a camera helps create awareness and teaches you to pose in a way you want to be seen. This helps with pace and posture also.

At Irelands Got Curves we want what is best for you

We offer honest advice that is best for you. Did you know our models that are used for our catwalk main event shows are trained for free and paid for modelling with us on the day.

How do you become part of the Irelands Got Curves Model Squad?

This is the question we get asked most often, we get lots of images sent to us daily of girls wanting to model for us. The first quality we look for in our models is kind people who uplift each other. This is huge to us.

We pick one person at each show to be The Face of Irelands Got Curves Event and also hold a online facebook comp once a year to find The Social Media Face of Irelands Got Curves. So they are two places that go.

We also hold castings, as we want a wide range of sizes, heights, ages etc on our catwalk we tend to try to not chose people who look the same or have the same body type so if you have been to a casting and not picked this is maybe why.

Another thing we do is look at people who have supported us, if people our sending in pictures to model for us and have never made a effort to attend a show or boot camp with us chances are the people who have supported us will be remembered more.

We NEVER charge people to model for us or sell tickets to take part, or pay to attend castings.

For more info Bootcamps

Self Love Good For Business Essential For Leaders.

Can you believe since spending less time working on my business, business has increased! Sounds wrong doesn't it?

But I have some data above here for you as proof. In fact after slogging away posting, comment and liking all around social media when I put 36% less time in I saw increases of over 2700% (I never knew there was more than 100% but seems FB did)

You need to hear the Why? and How? Self Love is good for business and essential for leaders. To help you work smarter not harder at Taking Care of Business.

This is for a group Zoom call/workshop lasting one hour

on Tuesday 15th December 2020 at 8pm priced only €7.99

Topics Inc.

The Why of Self-Love


Minding Your Mind

Your Customer and Your Network

Saying NO

Celebrating your WINS

Affirmations and How to Double Down with them

You will also receive a free PDF chart to help keep a eye on things.

Really low cost tickets at just €7.99 and 1 hour of your time. Can you afford not to?

Feedback for Self Love Good For Business and Essential For Leaders.

"What a great way to start the day! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and positive energy" - Alanna

"Brilliant webinar Sharon thank you!!!" - Aillish

Easy Like Sunday Morning ...

So since we are still limited due to Covid I decided to explore online for a way to spend my Sunday morning ...

(Photo Credits CLICK HERE )

Yoga On Zoom

Since Geri Hallowell came out as a Yoga babe in 2002, I always wanted to give it a try, imagine it took Covid to come along for me to finally bite the bullet and give it a go!

I guess it seemed to my native mind a bit waste of time when I could be exercising ... (I am laughing at this mistake!)

So as my Self-Love journey has continued meditation has been the last thing to tackle. Why? I am not sure totally is it that in my childhood religion that it was frowned upon next to devil worship!

Or is it the fact that when I spent time studying massage I would have such a deep connection to peoples energies teamed up with people always saying weird stuff to me about my aura and sprit guides that would have me running for the hills?

I always tell people the magic happens outside of the box ... so to practice what I preach I signed up and found myself this Sunday rolling out the Yoga mat in my living room in front of the Christmas Tree!

So Relaxed... all I could manage after was WOW

What started off quiet gently ended up being quite the workout (ex triathlete here!)

I was being gently taken through movement after movement and it was explained so simply that before I knew it I was building quiet a sweat.

Focusing on the breathing of when to inhale and exhale with such a calming voice, letting your body finish the movement you positioned it in I was surprized at what my body was able to do.

The only one I didn't get, in this session was the Dolphin (I will save that for another day)

To finish the session we did a relaxation session OMG!! I can not remember the last I felt so deeply relaxed and yet alert at the same time, you have to try it out!

I am looking forward to next Sunday already.

Pauline Rohdich

I caught up with Pauline later that day asking how did her Yoga class make it to Zoom?

"My main business is positive results mindset coaching.

I had a studio (Yoga) but closed it due to Covid and as clients were asking me to do zoom classes I decided to and it’s going so well.

I really missed teaching yoga and felt my mind body and spirit were not as aligned as before.

So happy to be back on the mat again. "

I am also so delighted Pauline is happy to be back on the mat again, but at one stage because of body image she nearly didn't make it to the mat in the first place. She explains

" I thought I didn’t have the ‘right’ body to teach yoga as I wasn’t skinny and willowy but thanks to the encouragement of my beautiful teacher at the Chopra Center I signed up and have had the most wonderful students over the years who found the classes so beneficial.

We need to break stereotypes and lead the way just like you’re doing Sharon"

To Contact Pauline about joining in her online Yoga class or Mindset coaching CLICK HERE

You Don't Have To Fit In When You Are Born To Stand Out.

BELIEVE THE DREAM this dyslexic gal becomes a published co-author today! (Update today I became a number 1 best selling Co-Author!)

TODAY the BOOK I have been a Co-Author for is OUT! Alongside 22 other inspirational women I share my journey. 23 women, 23 stories, 1 book ... LOVE THY BODY, Real Life Stories Vol 1 - £1.99 Kindle available from Amazon CLICK HERE TO BUY ... paperback release next week


To the little girl on the left, I have cried for you so many times. I wish I could have told you back then how your story turns out. You see you didnt fit in and while that felt so desperately hard it was for a reason.

Your brown skin that means people call you names is the same colour people are going to pay you to spray on them later on, they will tell you that they want to look like you ... YES I know you would never be able to imagine that but its true, and the traditional food you don't like to say you eat when someone asks you what you had for dinner, that will have so many people that come to you later on for dinner parties so impressed, they will praise you for what a amazing cook you are and enjoy your food and company. You will even have a husband who you will enjoy time with in the kitchen teaching to cook as he wants to be able to cook for your children and pass down your traditions to them! All of this you will learn is because you are so lucky to have the genes of strong women that have endured so much and you carry them with you.

I know you are the tallest in your class and everyone makes fun of you, and boys won't date you as you are way taller than them, I know the only place you feel at home is on the school basketball court because its the only place your peers value you, and the moment you step off your the butt of jokes again, but guess what because of your height you will model on catwalks in London, Paris and Ireland. People will look up to you as a role model, guys will be attracted to you, people will ask you to get things for them from shelves and praise your height wishing they were a little taller.

That skinny frame with the flat chest will grow, you won't have to cry into your pillow praying god to give you breast. They will come in fact you will have more than enough, that for a while girls will laugh at you, ask to touch you to see if they are real. This is because of their own issues don't let it affect you. People will praise your body, at times you will get to much attention for it, I know that you will think that's impossible but it's true. You will go on to become the first ever Miss Curves Ireland, you will run Irelands Got Curves, events and workshops teaching people to love their body! Its true.

Your body will also carry 9 babies, 7 to full term that will be raised by you with good values because of some of things you learned from that religion the one you hated so much. You wont need to pretend anymore, you will be strong enough to find your own path, you will understand that while people close to you were trying to do the right thing and getting it so so wrong they were doing it out of love for you they just didn't have the right skills at the time.

You will learn forgiveness that will also allow you to forgive your own mistakes and that brings you peace. You will be fine ... wait more than fine you will be great, you will be loved, you will be worthy, you will be inspired, you will be enough, you will lead, you will love and you will know riches way more important than money. Hang in there because You don't fit in (I know) ... (but there is a reason) because you were made to stand out. I LOVE YOU

Three Self Love Tips

Todays Blog is to share just three of the many tips, that can help you on your self love journey. Whitney Houston even sang about the greatest love of all a song written way back in 1977 !

Spending Time With You

Spending time with yourself isn't selfish in fact I would argue that not spending time with yourself to recharge is selfish. You must of heard the saying you can not pour from a empty cup.

If you are not taking time out doing what you want chances are you are not giving fully to others also.

But what do you like? Chances are if you haven't spent time doing what you like for a while you may have forgotten what it is you like to do or maybe a piece of who you are has got lost.

At the Self Love Club At Irelands Got Curves we remind you every Monday at least to plan your #metime for the week.

Celebrating Your Wins

So self praise is no praise is it? Wow what a time some of us were brought up in. Imagine starting life being told just how good you are, being told what a good girl/boy you are. Being told what a clever girl/boy you are. Being told what a big girl/boy you are. Then one day I am unsure when it is maybe you are seen as getting to big for your boots and all of that stops. If fact it is often swapped with being told to play down your wins.

But if you think about it we are growing and learning all the time so when you are told how good you are for each step of the way to learning as a child, it tells you you have got this, you can do this ,move on to the next step.

This is just one of the many ways celebrating you wins are important. We encourage you to celebrate your wins all the time, but at the Self Love Club At Irelands Got Curves we recognise how important it is it even has its own day!

Getting Down To It

How often to you catch yourself saying "I will do it tomorrow" ? Does tomorrow ever come?

No doubt having something you have to do on your mind weighs you down. In fact putting something on the back burner can indeed burn you out!

So at the Self Love Club At Irelands Got Curves we invite you to #fixitfriday if its taking a small bite out of a big task, clearing up a small one or even reaching out to someone whom you are not ready to talk to just yet to say I am thinking of you will catch up again.

Whatever is needed fixing get it done and head into the weekend lighter.

Covid Christmas 2020

Look OK it is very true, this year is different there is no point pretending otherwise. But Christmas is still Christmas. At Irelands Got Curves we are taking it online, Save the date Friday 4th December 9pm Curvy Christmas Party .

So while we look back at this picture here with some of the gang ( taken at a event last year by Robert Kelly) we still can plan forward for this year.

Below are some of my top picks from some of Irelands Got Curves sponsors that were due to join us back in April. They are available to buy from online so please do. Keep it local, keep it safe and we will see you all on the 4th xXx

Cami and Jacket

This stunning 2 piece, cami and jacket, is great to wear together or to mix and match. It is so elegant with flattering diagonal lines. The patten breaks meaning the eye is drawn up, and the 3/4 length sleeves means even hand washing is easy in this stunning rig out. size 18 to 24 reduced to €75 at Dreamy Curves Bridal

Magic Pants

Christened magic pants by Sarah when LilyRose first started stocking them three years ago. The reason they got their name?You drop two dress sizes. So if your typically a size 20 in Jeans you would order a size 16 They are elasticated and have a high waist. Suitable for everyday wear and special occasions want better wardrobe staple to have this season. Sizes 10-24 the wine are now in the sale for €35.00 at LilyRose Boutique

Green Blouse

If red isn't your festive colour then youre in for a treat with this green soft blouse with a tie bow neckline. Dress it up or take it more casual with jeans this piece will get a few wears this holiday season. €45,99 Sized up to a 16 from Your Style Your Story

Christmas Jumper

Could it even be Christmas without a novelty Christmas Jumper. Aren't these fab from

LilyRose Boutique

Giraffe Print Dress

Bring on the animal print with this stunning Giraffe Print dress . It has an elasticated waist, cuffs and neckline detail. This can be again dressed up with heels and accessories or dressed down with boots and a denim jacket - Sized upto a 16 , €79.99 from Your Style Your Story

Top and Trouser Outfit

If you are feeling blue this christmas this pretty two piece set will certainly cheer you up. Another set that could also be used to mix and match to get many options out of it. Personally I would keep them together as much as possible they look great. Size 18 to 24 reduced in the sale to €75 at Dreamy Curves Bridal

Dressing For Dinner

We are still unsure what this Christmas will bring, but one thing for sure is even if we are just all at home I am still dressing up. This dress is perfect for that. Great colours for the season , smart but also comfortable which is just up my street for a Christmas Dinner. Dress, size 18 to 24 reduced in the sale to just €50 at Dreamy Curves Bridal

Yellow Biker Jacket

Why not brighten up this winter and ask Santa for a statement yellow biker jacket! For such a bright colour this jacket can be worn in so many ways. Jeans , leggins, and boots come to mind. A simple black roll neck under would be fab. But also to casual up a dress this jacket will also bring you right though spring and then open over the shoulders on a summers evening - so soft but 100% polyester so easy to look after. Upto a size 16 €79,99 from Your Style Your Story


These Aprons caught my eye as it reminded me to fill my own self love cup this Christmas. This year more than most is a different one please remember if you don't look after yourself you can not fully look after others. Here at the Self Love Club at Irelands Got Curves are here to remind you. I love this apron it's going on my Christmas List €16.00 LilyRose Boutique

Whatever you end up doing this Christmas ...

Save the date Friday 4th December 9pm for Irelands Got Curves CURVY CHRISTMAS PARTY Online with us details coming soon xXx

As I sit here writing this I can't help but feel a mixture of excitement and fright. You see today everything is handed in signed off and ready to be type set before going to print.

Next month a book that I have been a co author in with 23 other amazing women will be released. The book is called Love Thy Body Project vol 1. In it we all tell our journey in selflove our stories. I talk about how I never fitted in and suffered from imposter syndrome until I came to the conclusion I didn't fit in because I was born to stand out.

It is scary putting your own story out there for all to read, but if it helps even just one person it will all be worth it .. every word!