Irelands Got Curves 


Irelands Got Curves is a welcoming community that host a curvy convention bringing as much as it can plus size (12+) under one roof.  Every women has the right to feel gorgeous at any size, shape, age, height, ability or colour. We are amazing creatures and deserve to be celebrated at every stage of our journeys.  The event consists of catwalk shows, guest speakers, pop up shops, plus size business awards, entertainment and of course a bit more. We also have a weekley online show called On The Plusside and a private members self love club. 

Irelands Got Curves shows people that you are beautiful, beauty isn't a size and size doesn't define you. It shows clothes on people of all sizes rather than just one body type.

 We have amazing guest speakers and fab catwalk shows from lingerie to fashion to bridal for everyone. It leaves people feeling empowered.

 On The Plusside is a 15 min show that see the plus side and positives in life.  Designed to motivate and inspire you to be the best version of yourself. After all only you can be the amazing unique human you were made to be, sometimes you just have to meet yourself! Catch ups of the show can be seen on this website under On The Plusside  or on YOUTUBE 

Irelands Got Curves runs model bootcamps. A fun day out for anyone wanting more info on becoming a plussize model or for anyone that would like to learn more about how to catwalk, turn and pose. Which angles work for you at a mini photoshoot or tips and tricks from former plussize model and the first ever Miss Curves Ireland SharonD.

Selflove Club IGC

Irelands Got Curves Founder SharonD found her selflove journey after hitting rock bottom. She now helps others on their selflove journey. CLICK HERE for more information.