Self Love Club and Mentorship

Self Love Club At Irelands Got Curves is a members club in a closed FACEBOOK GROUP . If you feel you need a bit of help practising Self Love and being kind to yourself here you will find inspiration. If you are passionate about helping others, wish to share your journey or would just like to hang out this is a awesome place to be. You're very welcome.

Self Love is not selfish in fact it's the opposite if you don't have self love chances are you are not living life to your fullest and we know you can't pour from a empty cup. Others around you will benefit from your self love.

Having this closed group will allow you to be inspired and to inspire others on the journey to self love from anywhere in the world. It also will help you stay on track or start your selflove journey. We have kept the cost down to just €4.99 per month less than a cup of coffee a week!

Once you subscribe please send a request to join the group. If you fb name is different to your payment name please be sure to message the IRELANDS GOT CURVES FB PAGE . For more information feel free to email

One to One Online Mentorship Programme

Details will be coming soon of our new 6 week one to one online mentorship programme. This will follow a 1 hour session per week online video call. We will update as soon as the finalised program is in place. Thank you for your patience.