Self Love Club and Mentorship

Practicing self love is not selfish .. If fact I would argue not practicing self love is.

When you have self love you become happier, more complete and much better to be around! You work better as you are firing on all cylinders in turn you learn just how to live your best life with those you love. - SharonD

You can work with Sharon via, Workshops, one to one mentorship, Talks or Seminars or simply follow her HERE

Online Seminars and Speaking engagements.

SharonD is a international speaker. Because Sharon knows how it feels to look in the mirror and hate yourself, Sharon now inspires others to fall in love with themselves again.

Sharon can speak on many subjects her most recent talks have been.

Introduction to Selflove - The why and what.

Stepping out of the shadows.

Effectively reaching your expectations.

Selflove good for business, essential for leaders.

Feedback from Webinar For Women's Inspire Network Titled

Self Love Good For Business Essential For Leaders.

"What a great way to start the day! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and positive energy" - Alanna

"Brilliant webinar Sharon thank you!!!" - Aillish

One to One Online Mentorship Programme

Our new 6 week one to one online mentorship programme is finally here. As it is one to one it means we can look at the areas of self love that would benefit you the most and also help tailor make the programs personally for you.


I will work with you via zoom and really look forward to helping you on your self love journey.

After spending most of my life feeling like I didn't fit in. It was turning 40 that made me realise that I didn't fit in because I was born to stand out. Thankful to have now reached a level of selflove that brings empowerment I now know my purpose in life is to empower others. I am a bit of a self confessed rebel having ran my first triathlon sized 18, becoming the first ever Miss Curves Ireland aged 40 and setting up Irelands Got Curves because I didn't see clothes represented well on curvy women damaging peoples mental health. I started up my online weekly show called On The Plusside as I wanted to be a presenter and was making no head way via the usual route. I co authored a book called love thy body, which went to number 1 on Amazon Paperback and on kindle … by the way I have dyslexia. Also amongst other things I am a mother of 7, grandmother of 3 and never planned to have any children!

email for more info or to book.

Special Offer €199.


New Workshop 02/01/21 Effectively Reach YOUR Expectations.

Are you making a new year resolution this year? What are your expectations? Join me as I discus how to effectively reach your expectation

How did 2020 leave You feeling?

Are You sick of hearing how everyone is "going to smash 2021" or sitting there wondering just what is going on?

This short workshop will help you work out just what are your goals and expectations for 2021. How to achieve them by putting in a effective plan that sets you up for success for a happier 2021.

Its about YOU, Your pace and What You want.

2020 was a amazing year for me. Every part of my life improved and I will show you how you can sit down this time next year and reflex on how great 2021 was.

This one hour small group workshop will help set you up with clear plans for your success. You can not afford to miss it.

Save your seat right now and I will see you on Zoom Saturday 2nd January at 4pm UK (11am New York) Sign up and Zoom info will be send to you just click the link and we will see you there.